We hold dear the conviction that every life deserves, a positive
nurturing environment to achieve full potential.

  • A Breath Of Fresh Air

    Helping Babies Breathe is a neonatal resuscitation curriculum for resource-limited circumstances..

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  • Spotlight

    Nigeria remains Africa's most populous nation with recent estimates indicating a figure in excess of 150 million...

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  • I0OS Initiative

    10OS [10 On Sundays] an initiative to garner financial committment from everyone interested in making a positive change.

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Seven Hundred (700) Babies

Every year 241,000 babies die in the first month of life in Nigeria making it the African country with the highest newborn death toll, according to a new Ministry of Health report, Saving Newborn Lives in Nigeria. Please use any of our donation options below to JOIN in the fight to save our BABIES

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